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Moving to the new normal, our responsibility does not change

nueva normalidad niñosWe are taking another step forward today, but not just any step, a decisive one in our battle against the pandemic and for the immediate future of Cuba.

Following months of intense, uninterrupted work, long hours of analysis, gaining experience and constantly improving measures, we are implementing a concept that we have talked about a great deal, that must now serve to support the optimal, organic functioning of the country: the new normal.

Several elements distinguish the move to this stage (for 12 Cuban provinces and the Isle of Youth special municipality), but none defines it better than the adoption of a new behavior code and life style. In other words, it is a matter of rethinking our daily lives, of incorporating all the learning that has allowed us to reach this point, not as temporary measures, but rather essential routines.

After what we have experienced, no one should be able to underestimate the danger that the virus represents. This people has enough information to know we must avoid over-confidence.

Everyone who heard the President and Prime Minister outline the new plan on Cuban television knows that leaving aside individual precaution and collective responsibility, or dismantling the health practices that prevent the spread of the epidemic, are not part of the new normal.

Let us embrace the conviction that it is possible, despite the worldwide health emergency generated, to reactivate services, production, and revitalize our economy, but let us not forget that, at the same time, we must continue, as a state and as a people, to battle COVID-19.

President Díaz-Canel defined it better than anyone: “For a people like ours, solidly united, there are no impossibles.”

(Source: Granma)

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