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Non-state sector: Banco Metropolitano reports on facilities to open accounts in MLC


Banco Metropolitano. Photo: Abel Padrón Padilla / Cubadebate

Banco Metropolitano reported today on the offer of a service to open current accounts in freely convertible currency (MLC) for non-state forms of management.

Through a press release, the institution explained about the implementation of the necessary mechanisms to guarantee the process of opening current accounts in MLC for Cuban natural and legal persons who carry out foreign trade activity.

This service will be offered in correspondence with Resolution No. 112/2020 of the Central Bank of Cuba, and to date, a total of 187 accounts have been enabled.

For this opening, the identity document is required, in the first instance, and an official document that authorizes self-employment or other form of non-state management, issued by the competent authority or certified copy of the document that accredits the constitution. of the legal person, as appropriate.

Similarly, registration in the Taxpayers Registry is required, in accordance with the provisions of the special legislation in force, and an initial deposit of no less than the equivalent of one hundred US dollars, only for natural persons.

Non-state management forms that have current accounts at Banco Metropolitano should go to the branch , where they have their accounts open, and proceed to draw up the opening application form.

Current accounts in freely convertible currency become operational when non-state management forms present to the bank the contract signed with the entity authorized to carry out foreign trade activities.

In order to clarify doubts and concerns, the Department of Institutional Communication and Marketing of Banco Metropolitano SA, has enabled the email:

(With information from ACN)

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