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Omara Durand: The Revolution has given Para Olympic athletes the opportunity to make our dreams come true

Omara DurandGranma converses with the Cuban runner, recently selected by International Para Olympic Committee as the protagonist of the decade’s most outstanding moment

“It is source of pride to win the final, with 499 votes, surpassing other great athletes in the survey conducted by the International Para Olympic Committee to select the most outstanding moment of the decade,” Cuba’s multi-medalist Omara Durand commented.

“This is an indication of the world’s recognition of the Cuban Para Olympic movement. There are so many people who, over the 21 years of my career in this sport, have given their best efforts to achieving these results,” she continued.

“A paragraph would not be enough to mention all of them, beginning with those who discovered my athletic potential and the teachers who followed, to my current coach Miriam Ferrer, who has done a great job, making possible that I haven’t lost a race since 2011.”

Durand reached the final round of the survey on the basis of her three gold medals in the Río de Janeiro-2016 Para Olympics and another two in London-2012.

During her conversation with Granma, she thanked her mother Adis, “for her unconditional support, my beautiful family, in which I include my guide Yuniol Kindelán, and my princess Ericka (her daughter), who since she was born has been a blessing and a source of inspiration.”

The Cuban champion also had words of gratitude for the doctors and coaching staff “who have helped me overcome injury and difficult moments in my sports career. I recognize the goodwill of our Revolution, for offering Para Olympic athletes the opportunity to make our dreams come true.

“This recognition, my nomination on two occasions for the Laureus Prize, and leaving my handprints in the Río de Janeiro-2016 Para Olympics, are moments I have enjoyed immensely and treasure them with much affection, along with the honors I have received in Cuba.”

In the final survey vote, Omara led British cyclist Sarah Storey, 499 to 229. The selection process began with 16 athletes participating.

(Source: Granma)

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