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Russia condemns Google blocking of Cuban accounts

googleThe Russian Federation’s Foreign Ministry recently denounced Google’s blocking of this newspaper’s account and those of other Cuban news media by the U.S. digital media conglomerate Google.

“The blocking of Granma newspaper, Mesa Redonda (television program) and Cubavisión Internacional, on the part of the U.S. company this past August 20, is arbitrary, with an openly restrictive character, and moreover, violates widely accepted democratic principles, limiting the right to access information,” stated the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, Maria Zajarova, who added that the actions were spuriously based “on an accusation that they had violated the law regarding exports to the United States,” Sputnik reported.

On August 22, the Google company re-established Granma’s YouTube account, as well as those of other Cuban news services, without offering any explanation of its actions. (R.C.)

(Source: Granma)

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