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We are crushing the empire’s perverse efforts to discredit the exemplary solidarity of Cuban medical brigades

Regreso medicos CanelComments by Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of the Republic of Cuba, during the remote reception of doctors in the Henry Reeve Brigade, returning from the Principality of Andorra, upon their arrival at José Martí International Airport, July 1, 2020, Year 62 of the Revolution

(Transcript: Presidency of the Republic)

As we have become accustomed, in recent days, we have the pleasure, the satisfaction of receiving another group of our valuable health workers, who are members of the Henry Reeve Brigade serving on different international cooperation medical missions, in solidarity, in the fight against the pandemic in other countries.

Therefore, for you, as we did with the Lombardy Brigade, first of all, a warm embrace and welcome home on behalf of all our people.

We are here with several compañeros working on the task force that has guided the COVID battle in the country: Vice President Salvador, Prime Minister Marrero, Deputy Prime Ministers Comandante de la Revolución Ramiro Valdés and compañero Morales, Minister Portal, the Attorney General of the Republic, compañero Amado, Council of Ministers secretary, and other compañeros who are also here today, participating in the work sessions we had during the day.
Photo: José Manuel Correa

I think that with your arrival, the victorious arrival of the Cuban medical brigades to the homeland is being confirmed. Over these last days, after we received the brigade from Lombardy, our advisors in Nicaragua have arrived, as well as some members who arrived earlier from your brigade and the brigade from Antigua and Barbuda, and all of them are arriving in the homeland with the satisfaction of having fulfilled their duty.

I have here a letter sent to us on April 14, 2020 by the head of government of the Principality of Andorra, Mr. Xavier Espot Zamora, in which he recalls that, in response to the request for bilateral cooperation they made to the Cuban government on March 22, immediately, a few weeks later, they welcomed to Andorra, and proudly so, 39 members of the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade. And at the end of the letter, he expressed profound gratitude and appreciation for the efforts made by our compatriots who are members of the Henry Reeve International Brigade.

I believe that, in general, the results of the Andorran brigade have been publicly assessed as positive by authorities in the Principality, especially health authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country.

It is clear that your work contributed to the improvement of epidemiological indicators in Andorra, with the result that by the end of the mission there were no new cases of COVID-19, no patients admitted to intensive care, with a gradual decrease in active cases and a greater number of hospital discharges.

These results and, above all, the example you have set with your altruism, with your dedication, your solidarity, as opposed to neoliberal self-interest, is one of the best ways in which we are crushing the empire’s perverse efforts to discredit the exemplary, supportive work of Cuban medical brigades, and consequently the insistent, constant attacks on the work of Cuban health care and, above all, the work of the Cuban Revolution.

For all these reasons, you have the recognition, admiration and affection of all our people, who tonight will also be applauding you.

I believe we will see each other again after the quarantine, just as we did with the Lombardy brigade, and will be able to discuss your experiences, all that you can offer as we continue to perfect our COVID-19 control program, and also as part of the analysis being conducted to continue perfecting all actions we must take when confronting other pandemics or situations like the one we have faced for the past three months.

Once again we reiterate, on behalf of the government, the Party and the Cuban people, our welcome to the homeland.


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