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All of Cuba in recovery, defeating the pandemic

Cuba Covid, palomasAs has been reported, given measures adopted and the efforts of our people, all the country’s provinces, except Havana, are currently in the first phase of the first stage of post-COVID-19 recovery.

It must be said that we were always aware that Havana would be the most difficult and complex site in confronting the epidemic, given its characteristics as a national capital.

The results of work carried out have allowed us to note progress made in the capital’s battle, over the last few days, to the point that, for seven consecutive days, established health benchmarks (for moving to the recovery period) were generally met, although cases continue to be reported on a daily basis, as is considered part of the process.

In view of the above, the government task force considers that the province’s positive indicators makes possible authorization of a transition to phase one of the first stage of recovery in Havana, for which preparations are already underway.

The capital will continue to be the location of greatest risk. Thus, Havana residents must enter this new phase with great responsibility and caution, in strict compliance with established sanitary measures.

On the other hand, the implementation of the recovery’s first phase in other provinces has been carefully monitored, which we evaluate positively, verifying that the health benchmarks reached in these territories support moving to a more advanced stage.

Consequently, the government task force has decided to authorize the country’s provinces and municipalities to transition to the second phase of recovery, as of Friday, July 3, except for Havana and Matanzas, with the latter to do so next week.

We call attention to the fact that continuing to advance in the recovery process depends on the population, individually and collectively, behaving in a responsible manner, complying with sanitary measures and minimizing the risks, of which are confident. We are sure that we can continue to count on the support and understanding of our people.

Council of Ministers

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