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Cuba bids farewell to Rosita Fornés

rosita_fornes-This June 10, 2020, at 04:07 AM, Rosalía Palet Bonavía, born in New York to Spanish parents, known in Cuba and the world as Rosita, passed away in Miami at 97 years of age, surrounded by some family and friends. Fornés, a Cuban artist, the queen of the scenic art of our country, communicates the artist’s official page on Facebook.The page of the Ministry of Culture in that social network adds that our 2001 National Theater Award, which also received other high distinctions and recognitions, will always be remembered by its public, conquered throughout the world, and especially by the people of Cuba. “We offer our condolences to family, friends, and their wide audience.”

“On the scene I lived the happiest moments of my life, my audience always received me with love. That is the best recognition for an artist. Thank you!” He commented some time ago in an interview.

The digital publication of the renowned artist offers her condolences “to all those who have loved her, have admired her throughout her long life, to her large family, to hundreds of friends around the world, to the thousands of admirers who have I have sent an immense number of messages of support and hope these days to their official Facebook page and that it has been impossible for me to respond to all of them. ”

Our dear Rosita leaves us, by law of life, after an illness with which she struggled for several years, surrounded by love and without suffering.

Cuba is in mourning, the Spanish-speaking culture loses, perhaps, the last of its great divas, the most versatile Cuban artist, the actress, singer and dancer who conquered the hearts not only of Cubans, but also of the Mexicans, Spaniards and of all the publics where he showed off his art without equal.

May Rosalia rest in peace, since Rosita Fornés, the greatest Cuban artist of all time, will never die, she will stay in our hearts, and her art, which she provided with 80 years of success, in the encyclopedias of world culture.

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