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Farewell to Rosita

ROSITA funeral

The remains of Rosita Fornés were laid to rest in Cuban soil yesterday, June 16, at Havana’s Colón Cemetery, in accordance with the last wishes of this jewel of our culture, who won the respect and everlasting affection of several generations of her compatriots. During the intimate ceremony, poet and ethnologist Miguel Barnet bid farewell to Rosita, describing her as the most versatile and charismatic Cuban artist of all time.

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Cuba bids farewell to Rosita Fornés


The Ministry of Culture published a message on social media stating that Rosita, our 2001 National Prize for Theater winner, honored with many other distinctions and recognitions, will always be remembered by the public she charmed around the world and especially by the people of Cuba. “We offer our condolences to family, friends, and your great audience.”

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Unity, the best tribute

Fidel unidad Granma

It was with deep sorrow and regret that the Cuban people learned of the passing of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz. Granma shares some reactions to the news. His death was met with tributes and moments of reflection by the Cuban people, who neither want, nor are ready, to say farewell, choosing instead to salute the global leader with a “Hasta siempre, Fidel.”