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Transformative thinking required

Canel reunion covidThe President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, called on Council of Ministers members to practice “innovative thinking, to develop a real strategy to confront the global crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Leading the meeting of the highest body of the Cuban government, chaired by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, the President said that the objective must be “to achieve the productive transformation that the country needs at this time, to guarantee more efficiency, productivity, utility and income, satisfying internal demand and allowing for export possibilities, while promoting well-being, development and prosperity.

Strategies for the country’s recovery and confronting the global crisis generated by the pandemic are to be presented for approval shortly, the President stated, emphasizing that the plan must “lead to a firmer, surer, more rapid implementation of everything foreseen in the Conceptualization of the Economic and Social Model and policy guidelines.”

Plans for the recovery stage, he noted, must include three fundamental objectives: returning to a new normality; avoiding a resurgence of COVID-19 and addressing any such events effectively; as well as reducing ongoing vulnerabilities associated with the new coronavirus.

Looking toward the post-COVID-19 period, the President identified a number of issues to be addressed, including the gradual, asymmetric increase in activity; implementation of productive processes and services in the shortest time possible; maintenance of physical distancing during the new normality; adoption of differentiated measures for vulnerable sectors of the Cuban population; and preparing steps to be taken during the summer months to avoid an outbreak of the disease.

(Source: Granma)

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