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No new cases of Covid-19 in Cuba in last 48 hours

Bandera cubanaThe four Covid-19 patients identified remain hospitalized and are progressing satisfactorily, with all resources needed to ensure their full recovery available; while efforts to prevent the spread of the pandemic within the country continue.

Dr. Carmelo Trujillo Machado, head of the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) Department of International Health Control, reported this information Sunday in a press conference, and emphasized that the implementation of all measures established for the prevention and confrontation of the new coronavirus continue, in close collaboration with all central state administration agencies and ministries.

He reiterated the importance of expanding preventative and educational efforts for the entire population, as well as preparing all sectors of society to implement preventative measures.

Dr. Trujillo reported that border surveillance has been “increased and strengthened” at all ports of entry, with teams of health professionals carefully following protocols, while active monitoring continues at the primary care level and in hotels, to ensure the timely identification of possible cases and take appropriate action.

Family doctors and nurses are conducting active searches in communities to identify and monitor all individuals with respiratory symptoms, he stated, while insisting on the essential participation of the population, since anyone with such symptoms must seek medical attention immediately.

Dr. María Elena Soto Entenza, head of the Ministry’s Primary Health Care Department noted that specific areas have been designated in community polyclinics to care for patients with respiratory symptoms, as well as committees of several specialists to conduct clinical and epidemiological evaluations and determine the course to be followed.

“Not everyone who arrives with respiratory symptoms is hospitalized, but it is important that they are evaluated,” she emphasized.


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