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No Covid-19 in Cuba yet, as preventative measures and preparation continue

Coronaviruis aduanaThe effectiveness of measures Cuba has taken for the prevention and control of Covid-19 was recognized yesterday in a meeting with the highest authorities of all the country’s provinces and the special municipality Isle of Youth, led by the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, and Vice President Salvador Valdés Mesa.

According to Public Health Minister Jose Angel Portal Miranda, the island continues to have no confirmed cases of the new coronavirus that has already affected 104 nations. To date, 30 travelers have been admitted to hospitals for observation and, in addition to a previous eight, seven more were tested for Covid-19, all with negative results, confirming that the country remains free of the disease.

The videoconference with all provincial governors and the Isle of Youth’s superintendent, evaluated was the intense work carried out over the last few days to implement the Prevention and Control Plan, including certification of premises for isolation and hospitalization of identified patients; the production of masks within the country; health hearings in communities and workplaces; training for all involved; attention to the most vulnerable populations, and the public information campaign to keep the population updated and well advised.

During the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Roberto Morales Ojeda reported that the first segment of Covid-19 training is currently underway, and will continue to provide specific courses for different sectors.

He insisted on the need to certify sites where patients will be treated, to ensure that conditions meet established parameters, and, reported that a Ministry of Public Health commission is currently touring the country to inspect the locales designated as mandated in the Plan.

Morales also emphasized training for personnel who would be working in these medical units, on a voluntary basis, for a prolonged period of time. He emphasized issues such as conditions for rest breaks and other details foreseen for quarantine facilities.

In the meeting with governors – which is held every month and on this occasion had as its main topic the new coronavirus – the ministers of Industry and Domestic Commerce confirmed that the country has a sufficient, stable supply of chlorine to disinfect surfaces. At this time, she reported, face masks are being imported, while their fabrication by national and local industry has begun.

The Prime Minister instructed governors and superintendents to pay special attention to points on highways where travelers gather, including service stations and cafeterias; while reducing as much as possible the movement of sick patients, and continuing to monitor the health of passengers at border ports of entry, which has been very effective to date, he added.

The first part of a cycle has been completed, he said, now we will move to a counter-offensive, with other measures in the Plan.

(Source: Granma)


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