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Western Union suspends family remittances to Cuba, except from the U.S.

remesas cubaThe Donald Trump administration has added further pressure to its cruel, unjust sanctions on Cuba: the Western Union family remittance company, February 26, suspended financial transfers to Cuba, except for those issued from the United States.

Prensa Latina stressed statements previously made by the U.S. company, in which it was reported that due to the U.S. blockade´s unjust sanctions, this company could lose its ability to process remittances to Cuba from other countries around the globe.

This is sanction number 191 imposed by the U.S. government on the Cuban people, with the purpose of causing discouragement and despair, while portraying revolutionary authorities as responsible for the damage caused by its aggressive policy.

Let us recall that, in October of 2019, family remittances were limited to 1,000 dollars per person, per quarter, and that the U.S. blockade has caused losses to Cuba, valued at more than four billion dollars.

The current decision has a direct impact on Cuban families, and exposes another lie from Trump, who in his State of the Union address said sanctions imposed by his administration are meant to “help” the Cuban people.

Trump’s unique concept of help includes fierce financial persecution that continued to intensify in various countries’ jurisdictions from April of 2018 through March, 2019, with restrictions imposed on the Cuban banking system by 140 foreign banks.

The Foreign Assets Control Office and other U.S. agencies penalized several third-country companies, making transactions increasingly more difficult not only for the Cuban government, but also for the citizens it supposedly wants to help.

(Source: Prensa Latina)

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