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Caribbean community condemns US blockade against Cuba

cuba-caricomThe Heads of Government of member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) described in Barbados the tightening of the US blockade against Cuba as unjustifiable.

During conclusions of a meeting, Caribbean leaders reiterated their concern over the sanctions announced by the US administration under Title III of Helms-Burton Act, which tightens the economic, commercial and financial blockade towards Cuba.

The regional presidents described the application of extraterritorial laws and measures contrary to international law as a violation.

They also thanked Cuba for the medical assistance provided to the CARICOM member states over the years for the benefit of their peoples.

Cuba and CARICOM are marking more than four decades of brotherhood ties, protected by exchange in sectors such as health, education, agriculture, sports and confronting natural disasters.

As an example of the excellent solidarity ties, Havana will host the 7th CARICOM-Cuba Summit in December this year.

(Prensa Latina)

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