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“Saving, being efficient, always produces earnings”

Diaz Canel AsambleaThe people have faced the fuel crisis with the best response: solidarity, understanding, seeking and providing solutions. They rose to the occasion, but we must continue to promote awareness, since this is the responsible way to act, said the President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, yesterday, during a working session of the Industry, Construction and Energy Committee.

The President referred to the impact, in this context, of the tightening of the economic blockade, of the increasingly aggressive attitude of the U.S. government, which, among other measures, has attempted to prevent fuel from reaching Cuba.

Diaz-Canel reiterated three concepts that must prevail. First, ideological work, although led by the Party, he said, is for all. Second, the responsibility of cadres is not to carry out tasks, but to direct processes – that is, to analyze, implement, propose, seek feedback; and finally that savings measures implemented during this period must be maintained.

“Saving, being efficient, always produces earnings,” he emphasized, while also questioning certain deficiencies not related to the blockade but to inappropriate behaviors like fuel theft and wasteful use, to cite just two examples.

The directives were clear: look for opportunities for greater efficiency in all processes; control the use of fuel by complying with established procedures, optimizing the transportation of cargo, using maritime shipping more, perfecting investments related to renewable energy sources, as well as further exploiting possibilities for remote work.

According to the President, “Whoever squanders resources is not thinking of Cuba. And with this public debate we must reach communities, homes… If we continue to think as a country, we will continue to win.”


Deputies on the Industry, Construction and Energy Committee paid special attention to the implementation of measures across the country to address the energy situation, in a session that was also attended by Council of Ministers vice presidents, Comandante de la Revolución Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, Political Bureau member, and Inés María Chapman Waugh.

Elaine Moreno Carnet, director general of the National Office for the Control of the Rational Use of Energy, elaborated on measures implemented for the control of electric energy and reported that with 48,873 inspections carried out, 22,666 deficiencies were detected, in 14,061 services.

Regarding investigations of possible fuel theft, she said that through October, 8,231 had been carried out, revealing 208 irregularities, with a significant economic impact.

She also emphasized work with the José Martí Pioneers Organization (in elementary schools), the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, the Federation of Cuban Women, and People’s Councils to promote a culture of conservation.

According to Moreno, as a result of the savings measures implemented, electrical consumption has been reduced during peak hours, both day and night, and a trend toward an increase in the sale of fuel to private individuals in service centers has been noted, indicating that illicit sources are being eliminated.

She insisted, however, that work to promote the rational use of energy must be intensified, especially in the residential sector; and in terms of confronting fuel theft, there is still a lack of attention on the part of administrations.

Deputies reported on local initiatives to overcome fuel shortages, while agreeing on the need to continue producing and, above all, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the savings measures adopted.


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