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Across the waves, a ship of hope

Yate GranmaWith the Granma yacht’s landing, December 2, 1956, following its epic crossing from Mexico, those aboard would become the first combatants in the final stage of Cuba’s liberation struggle, and the date would mark the founding of the Revolutionary Armed Forces

Freedom is a human right, but on this island, it is a natural condition. Those who inhabit Cuba, and honor it as their homeland, see its infinite and indomitable destiny as free, like the sea.

That is why we rise up, if Cuba is injured, humiliated, the object of the empire’s desires, our heroes return on the waves, to overcome the offenses and assert the people’s sovereign will.

There is a storm and rough water, but the torment of the homeland is worse and the fierceness of rage is greater. But not even the protection of the mainland offered respite. In a baptism of fire, a high price was paid for their audacity at Alegría de Pío.

Three lives lost in an instant, the rest were pursued, some captured and murdered; but several escaped the massacre and, protected by campesinos, made their way safely to the encounter: Now we have won the war!

Cinco Palmas would return meaning to the expedition. They were not all there, but they were enough. Faith is a deep word with roots.

With each man on the Granma, a seed landed, and fell on fertile ground. And when a life was cut short, a sprout returned bearing the ideal of victory that would overcome hopelessness.


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