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U.S. pressure to undermine support for UN resolution against the blockade denounced

cartel bloqueoNovember 4, Cuba denounced pressure and coercion by the U. S. State Department on United Nations member countries, in an effort to undermine support for Cuba’s resolution against the blockade, which year after year is overwhelmingly approved in the General Assembly.

During a press conference at the UN, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla stated, “Far from heeding repeated appeals by the international community, which for more than two decades has almost unanimously adopted this resolution, the United States is orchestrating new maneuvers to hinder its adoption.”

He noted that the U.S. was targeting Latin American countries in particular, reporting that, “barely a week ago, the U.S. State Department summoned the embassy staff of four Latin American countries to Washington. The purpose of the meeting was to obtain their vote against the aforementioned Resolution.”

Along with this move, U.S. embassies in the capitals of six other Latin American nations are pressuring governments to change their votes.

“The Trump’s administration crude manner of imposing conditions and resorting to coercion to achieve its foreign policy goals is only too well known,” Rodríguez stated, recalling the State Department’s miserable failure in 2018, when it “attempted to amend and change the nature of the resolution that has been traditionally presented to the General Assembly.”

“Cuba knows it can count on the unanimous support of the peoples of Latin America and the entire planet, and expects that none of the governments of the region will give in to Washington’s anti-Cuban designs, which would mean turning a blind eye to the recognized will of their respective peoples, world public opinion, international law, and the most elemental standards of ethics and justice,” he concluded.



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