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There should be no barriers to scientific cooperation between Cuba and the United States

Cuba medicinaThe blockade of Cuba is anachronistic and must cease, said Dr. Matthew W. Martinez, a renowned U.S. cardiologist participating in the International Cardiology Congress, Cardiovilla 2019, which took place in Cayo Santa María, who added that no there should be no barriers to collaboration between Cuban scientists and those of the United States.

Speaking to the press, Martinez, who is a member of the American College of Cardiology and works at the Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey, said that there is much to learn from Cuban medicine, which in addition to being provided free of charge despite financial limitations, manages to do a great deal for the health of the nation’s inhabitants.

“Cuba’s results in the field of Cardiology are fabulous, and should be known by the world scientific community,” Dr. Martinez said, who noted the quality of Cuban specialists who have the ability to serve everyone who needs treatment.

He insisted that it is important to come to Cuba to events like this, to share and exchange common experiences in the field of Cardiology, because we have the same problems with cholesterol, arrhythmias, damage caused to smokers, and other pathologies that affect the heart.

The gathering of some 400 specialists was also attended by Professor Giovanni Pedrazzini, president of the Swiss Society of Cardiology, who highlighted the quality of Cuban medicine, which amidst many limitations maintains all its services.

During a presentation offered within the framework of the event, Pedrazzini said that if something merits attention in the case of Cuba, it is the joint work of its institutions that, despite limited resources, make the most of the country’s indisputable medical talent.

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