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European Parliament, what a shame!

Cuba puebloThis Thursday, the European Parliament approved, by a majority vote, a resolution full of lies, demanding the “immediate release” of Cuban counterrevolutionary José Daniel Ferrer, a mercenary in the service of a foreign power detained for acts of violence, disruption of the public order, and illegal acts.

It seems that the parliamentarians do not know that there are laws in Cuba, that there is a Constitution approved by the people, and that these documents prohibit foreign interference in their implementation.

Those who raised their hands to meddle in the affairs of another country should know that this individual is a “dissident” created by the U.S. embassy, paid by the State Department through USAID and other organizations such as the NED, publicly identified with the worst of the Cuban-American mafia in Miami.

European friends, your threats and meddling are not needed. Ferrer himself, in video recordings of his meetings in the United States, with his mercenary contacts in the so-called Cuban-American National Foundation, acknowledges and identifies himself as such. He is no “poor thing,” stating that the United States has paid him thousands of dollars to make a counterrevolution in Cuba.

The “representatives” of the continent’s countries should know, once and for all, that, in the Island of freedom and resistance, no one has been tortured in the last 60 years.

Nor has anyone been sentenced to prison without due process, with all charges fully investigated and proven.

I think it is very important for the European Parliament to know that with this resolution, which is full of lies and hatred, it has aligned itself with those who have blockaded Cuba, those who insist on attempting to asphyxiate the people with their sanctions.

Those who manufacture “dissidents” of the likes of José Daniel Ferrer have been defeated again and again in all arenas, that is, militarily in Girón, and diplomatically and politically over the past six decades.

We are tired of hearing lies like this. Rubbish of this magnitude will not only be condemned by our country, but by friendly nations and governments, which understand what this is about and what it seeks to accomplish.

A recommendation to the European representatives would be to concentrate on finding solutions for the thousands of immigrants who arrive on their coasts, mainly from Africa and Asia. Let the Western world, rich countries, those that talk most about human rights and democracy, demonstrate their virtue by working to eliminate hunger, war, and disease, the real reasons people from these regions emigrate.

At the Parliament meeting, Czech representative Dita Charanzová stated, “The EU has sent a strong message and must take action within the framework of the Agreement with Cuba if they do not already release Ferrer.”

This threat to Cuba is included in the European Parliament’s communiqué, which states, “MEPs recall that the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and Cuba provides for its suspension in the event of human rights violations and urges the EU to closely monitor respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Cuba.”

Apparently, they do not know that Cubans are not intimidated by threats and that, on the contrary, we know how to fight and win on this and other fronts.

Furthermore, the description of this mercenary as the most “emblematic prisoner” is not serious. They cling to lies about denial of family contact, but Ferrer has received regular visits, as established by prison regulations; and that he has not received medical care, while he, in fact, has daily check-ups and an adequate diet.

These lies, that the Parliament is repeating, have been completely exposed by the most recent video released by Cuban media.

What a shame, European Parliament! Cuba stands firm in the face of so much infamy in resolutions based on hatred, interference, and subservience to the United States.

The international community is always able to recognize mercenaries and their allies.


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