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Those who lie; those who save lives

cuba medicosA Secretary of the State, a National Security advisor and a Republican senator from the State of Florida invent the most preposterous lies, which the big media at their service repeat, and an eccentric President applauds and exhibits as war trophies. This is happening today in the United States.

But, be careful! Because they are trying to defame one of the world’s most beautiful works: health for all and solidarity.

The latest U.S. attack on our country is being carried out through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), a cover institution for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which, financed with a few million dollars, is paying for information to sabotage and discredit Cuba’s health care cooperation in dozens of countries, for the benefit of millions of people.

They have used a bit of everything against our country and have always received the right answer from Cuba: the truth – which neither Mike Pompeo, Marco Rubio, or Trump are accustomed to honoring.

Money, in any case, cannot replace the truth, honor, ethics, and professionalism of hundreds of thousands of compatriots who have provided their services in the planet’s most remote areas, and will continue to do so.

The slanderers know this very well. Cuba is the exception, providing massive, free, quality health services, allowing the achievement of health indicators, in many cases, better than those in so-called First World countries, including the United States.

Let us challenge the impostors of the Trump administration to state how many countries in the world use 51% of their annual Gross Domestic Product for health and education.

And more importantly, with this budget, in 2019, provide approximately 226 million free medical consultations and 1.38 million hospital admissions, and guarantee the education of almost two million students in early childhood, primary, special, and secondary schools, along with 250,000 in universities.

A report published in the Revista Panamericana de la Salud in 2018 recognizes, “The Cuban National Health System has a solid infrastructure, including a broad network of sanitary facilities that guarantee total coverage, access, and equity in services to the population with qualified human resources.”

The show put on by the Trump team can only be described as deplorable. In the country where plans are designed and executed to economically asphyxiate Cuba, health services, despite their exorbitant cost, are not available to all citizens.

We are talking about a nation where the cost of a four-day hospital stay, for someone hurt in a motorcycle accident, could reach almost 126,000 dollars; complementary services like lab tests, anesthetist, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation could cost more than $47,000. A fractured ankle cost a U.S. citizen the stratospheric figure of $80,000, which incidentally, did not include the ambulance, anesthesia, or postoperative treatment; and the surgical removal of an infected appendix, just over $36,000.

These are only a few examples of health care costs in the richest country in the world, where millions of poor must live the rest of their lives paying for a hospital stay or surgery.

A very important fact: This same country, in the current fiscal year, is spending a war budget of 718 billion dollars in the service of death and destruction, with 800 military bases and more than 300,000 soldiers deployed in 177 countries.

The Donald Trump administration, which would like to discredit Cuban health services and the international contributions of our doctors, does not have any sort of medical brigade that provides services in the most impoverished, needy nations, where millions of children die every year without medical assistance.

This government spends millions of dollars to lie to the world regarding the humanitarian work of Cuban medicine and our principles of solidarity, put into practice by those voluntarily completing internationalist missions in more than 100 countries, committed to the vocation of saving lives.


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