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Ceballos agricultural enterprise begins export of fresh mango

Cuba produccion agricolaThe province’s agricultural pole has broadened its portfolio of export products with the first deliveries of fresh mango to several European countries, another positive development here that contributes to the national economy.

These orders are to be followed by others to initially reach a total of 20 tons, from the 30 C farm, Marsella collective, affiliated with the Frutales Ceballos basic enterprise unit (UEB), with extensive experience in other exports lines, responding to the call made by Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, to promote such efforts throughout the country.

Among the Ceballos products well-received in European countries and the Middle East are, among others, marabou charcoal, MD-2 pineapple, fruit juices, papaya preserves, and hot pepper or Habanero Chile, this latter winner of a Gold Medal for quality at the 2019 International Agricultural Fair, one of the leading commercial expositions in the region.In the case of mango, the varieties exported to other latitudes are the Tommy Atkins and Super Haden grafted on Corazón, carefully cultivated, with specialized pruning to reduce panicles and avoid friction damage to fruit.

Odalis Burgos Hernández, a fruit processor at the storage and marketing UEB, told Granma that the staff here guarantees the preparation and packing of high-quality mangoes in accordance with international standards.

Likewise, engineer Pilar Ruiz González, head of the provincial Vegetable Health and Hygiene Department’s quarantine program, said that efforts have been increased in groves to eliminate disease and pests.

In May last year, President Díaz-Canel made special note of the work being done by Ciego de Ávila’s Ceballos Agro-industrial Enterprise, which has achieved a closed cycle, with harvests going directly from the field, to the processing plant, to markets, leading to a significant increase in exports.


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