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Cuban women, Marianas all, from the depths of their souls

madres santiago de CubaGratitude and respect for Cuban mothers marked the day, Sunday May 12, for these women known to be “protective and tender, firm and demanding,” as President Miguel Díaz-Canel noted in a tweet on Mothers Day, which included a special tribute to Mariana Grajales, in Santiago de Cuba.

“Thank you for giving life, home, care, food. For maintaining daily heroism. For giving birth to this people who you make so proud,” wrote the President, adding: “A beautiful day of mothers, reminding us of the tribute we owe to these heroines every day.”

Mariana Grajales Cuello is a living example of a woman who gave her children and all her energy for Cuba’s freedom. This is the name her parent gave her, but Cuba knows her as the Mother of the Nation, symbolizing great love and great sacrifice for the homeland.

Raising her children with her customary strictness, in the fierceness of her traditions, and her understanding of education, which was necessary to inculcate within young men, when the moment of struggle arose, she took a crucifix from the wall and called, “On your knees, all fathers and sons, before Christ, who was the first liberal man who came into the world, let us swear to liberate the country or die.”

With this traditional Cuban firmness, the people of Santiago honored Mariana on Sunday, on behalf of the entire people, in Santa Ifigenia cemetery. A floral wreath was placed next to the pantheon that holds her remains, by a Revolutionary Armed Forces ceremonial detachment and guard of honor composed of young women.

The event was led by the members of the Party Central Committee and the highest authorities of the Party and government in the province, Lázaro Expósito Canto and Beatriz Johnson Urrutia, respectively.


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