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Van Van Orchestra Closes with Songo Salsa Festival in Cuba

cuba-orquesta-vanvanThe Tren de la Musica Cubana (Cuban Music Train) kicked off this dawn with hundreds of passengers on board, eager to dance and sing to songo rhythm during the closing ceremony of the Salsa Festival 4th edition.

The popular Van Van orchestra, created by maestro Juan Formell in 1969, put all its machinery at the disposal of the public who, jubilant, gathered in Havana’s Metropolitan Park, the venue for this musical event.

The afternoon before the concert was moved by comparsas and dance sessions animated with DJs from Spain, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Cuba involved in the event to animate the intermediates of each presentation.

Just before the vanvan meeting, Cubans and visitors enjoyed the sounds and guarachas, a gift from the octogenarian Aragon Orchestra directed by Rafael Lay and in charge of opening the fifth day of salsa.

Musicians led by Samuel Formell and vocalists Vanessa Formell, Roberto Fernandez, Abdel Rasalps and Armando Ihosvany, representative faces of the band with almost half a century of history.

Before starting his performance, Formell was awarded recognition by the festival’s organizers and the prize of the Latin Academy of Music for the work of life and the defense of Latin American cultural values.

The Salsa Festival opened last 20th with a performance by Puerto Rican salsa artist Jerry Rivera, who described as historic opportunity the fact of playing in Cuba and said he was happy to fulfill the dream of his admirers of the Caribbean island.

Five nights of salsa with the country’s main dance music orchestras and guests from other latitudes, enhanced the quality of the event born four years ago hosted by Carnival Company, Artex, Musicalia Agency, the Cuban Music Institute and the Recording and Music Editions Company.

The biggest salsa meeting in Cuba, according to Blanco, reached an impressive reception of national and foreign public, and exalted the connotation of the event which attracts the attention of several artists from all over the world, interested in attending.

It also reaffirmed the universal character of the music and the excellence of the genre’s worshippers, and left the audience grateful, filled with joy for enjoying these artistic encounters to entertain and cheer the soul.

(Prensa Latina)

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