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Venezuela will never be alone

venezuela CubaThe history of U.S. wars shows with great eloquence that the use of force is the modus operandi of this country’s rulers. There is nothing new in the script now being used, except for the names of figures involved. Once again the pretext of humanitarian aid is fabricated to justify an intervention.

“Respect the peace,” “No coup, no intervention,” “Defend the people’s right to choose their own path,” are just some of the phrases repeated these last few days in Cuba, in workplaces and schools, in agricultural cooperatives and community centers across the country, because Venezuela has committed a sin: standing on its own two feet with its head held high, resisting imperialist pretensions. Venezuelans have committed the sin of being free.

“It is inadmissible that the Yankee government is using the opposition to destroy the great conquests achieved by the Bolivarian Revolution,” Miriam Isaac Reginfo, a technician at Santiago de Cuba’s Architectural Construction Enterprise No. 57, told Granma.

She worked for three years in the sister country as an inspector for the housing mission, in the state of Miranda, and recalls the thousands of buildings she saw erected in the five municipalities she covered, all for needy families, including many who lost their homes in landslides.
“All of this is at risk now,” she said, along with programs devoted to education, sports, culture, science, food production, the environment and economic development – so hated by the U.S. government because they are no longer permitted to plunder the country’s riches as they once did.

“Therefore, as stated in the Revolutionary Government statement, which we have just supported with our signatures, we will do whatever is necessary. Today dignity and action are required, because just as Fidel said that after Girón, all the peoples of Latin America were a little more free, if the example of Venezuela is lost, that freedom will be endangered.

“We will never leave Venezuela alone,” she emphasized, “and I think that the world will not abandon it to fate either, because the bloodbaths and the retreat of history, to which U.S. military interventions have always led, supported by a few puppet governments, cannot be the destiny of the children of Simón Bolívar.”

María Cristina Díaz Montalván, a shopkeeper in the Villa Clara neighborhood of Sabino Hernández, insisted that these are times in which unity is needed to preserve the sovereignty and independence of the sister nation.
Likewise, Elías René Pérez Molina and Florencio Altunaga López, delegates to the XXI Congress of the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC), condemned U.S. aggression, which is directed toward seizing Venezuela’s natural resources and putting an end to Latin American unity, they said.

“If they think we are going to sit idly, they are wrong,” said Digna Morales Molina, director of the Commerce and Gastronomy Enterprise in Villa Clara, and recalled José Martí’s phrase: “Give me a way to serve Venezuela: she has in me a son,” an idea repeated today by millions of Cubans and honest citizens of the world, who know very well what it would mean for this nation to lose its independence.

President Donald Trump delivered an offensive speech in Miami, reiterating the threat of military aggression against Venezuela.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said it is time to take a stand, beyond political differences, in defense of peace, and emphasized that the humanitarian aid issue is being used as a pretext to launch a war for oil.
Trump has violated Venezuela’s sovereignty, by recognizing a puppet president invented in Washington, the minister tweeted.

Rodriguez noted that Trump has added McCarthyism to the Monroe Doctrine and has reiterated that all options are open. “The danger of military aggression is real. The history of Our America has demonstrated this.”


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