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The new maneuver againt tourism to Cuba and European indignity

Turismo Cuba

The European Union has become, de facto, a colony of the United States. And its media outlets reproduce the propaganda scheme of the metropolis: censorship and war reports on the Ukraine conflict, submission to Washington’s interests on the international news agenda. If European oil companies such as ENI or Repsol operate again in Venezuela because the US government now allows it, after prohibiting it for years, do we read any critical analysis, any editorial in the Italian or Spanish press that denounces such subjugation of European sovereignty? Nothing. Not the slightest hint of dignity.

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Another weapon in the cultural war against Cuba


CIA efforts to create publishing houses and literary magazines to attract Cuban writers was intended to separate them from the country’s institutions and steer them toward an anti-government stance. Most of the CIA’s covert operations in Latin America during the 1960s were directed against the Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro. “No more Cubas”, was the agency’s slogan at the time.

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Millions for democracy made in USA


Although the effort has never produced the results expected by its organizers, subversion against Cuba continues to be a profitable business involving millions of dollars. Disguised in multiple trappings, through agencies, companies and organizations, which rarely offer public information on the management of their funds, the financing of actions intended to undermine the Revolution have exceeded 249.5 million dollars, over the last two decades.

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Who’s behind the anti-Cuban show in San Isidro?

alcantara OEA

Since the end of the 19th century, the San Isidro neighborhood in Old Havana was considered a “tolerance zone,” until 1959, when life changed with the triumph of the Revolution. It was a neighborhood of humble people, harassed by the presence of Yankee Marines who came ashore in search of fun and cheap sex. Once the butt of jokes, San Isidro now has 14 family doctors’ offices, a traditional medicine clinic, a veterinary clinic, three child care centers, a kindergarten and four schools.

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USAID and the deep pockets of the counterrevolution


On November 3, 1961, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) was created, supposedly to collaborate with the economic and social development of Latin America. But in reality the funds managed by that organization have been used for repression against countries, organizations, movements and people with ideas of the left, or simply progressive.

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The United States is the world’s major violator of human rights

cartel derechos humanos

“The United States is the world’s major violator of human rights,” stated Jorge Valero, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council. As part of a series of conferences on global governance and development, entitled “The challenges and common problems of humanity at the current time.

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Díaz-Canel: Cuba will not renounce its sovereignty or independence

canel denuncia

“We are not intimidated by threats from the United States, which are part of its interventionist policy toward Cuba. It is deplorable that the country’s diplomats are incited to violate international law and the laws of the United States. Cuba will not renounce its sovereignty or independence,” said President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, on his Twitter account.

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Another U.S. attempt to discredit Cuban medical solidarity

Cuba medicos

Cuba has denounced another aggressive move by the United States, October 1, to deny visas to the country’s delegation set to participate in the 57th meeting of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Directing Council in Washington, The country’s Minister of Health, José Ángel Portal, was set to lead the group.

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Ministry of Foreign Relations Statement: Cuba strongly rejects activation of IRAT


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly rejects its invocation under the pretext of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela being a threat to peace and security in the hemisphere, when in reality, the interventionist Monroe Doctrine implemented by the United States, hostility toward Venezuela, and the use of this treaty for such ends, that endanger the region’s peace and security.

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Fear of the “other” Argentina

Argentina Trump

Trump, Bolsonaro and Macri are trying to coordinate efforts to ensure that on election day, October 27, there will be no “birth of another Argentina”. “Better to walk alone than in bad company,” could be the advice friends give Mauricio Macri these days, the Argentine incumbent President who had a poor showing in the country’s recently held primary elections.