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Havana shaken

tornado-en-la-habana-santos-suarez-cuba-5-580x383Despite forecasts, a rapid change in the weather surprised many residents of the capital last night. In its last advisory yesterday, the Meteorological Institute stated, “This morning, in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico, an extra-tropical low developed, extending southeast from which is a cold front.

Over the next few hours, ahead of this front, a line of thunderstorms could form, and as these systems move east, the western portion of the country will be affected, tonight and into the dawn hours.”

Cubans, accustomed to such advisories were not alarmed, not suspecting the magnitude of the events to come after 8:00pm.

Residents were shaken by the tempestuous roar of the wind, one gust after another, increasingly strong. Telephone calls began to spread the news: A tornado had hit Luyanó; there was a locally severe storm in Cerro; and cars were underwater in flooded streets. The city was left in the dark night without stars…

Amidst the uncertainty, with sirens adding tension, Granma shares a few images of the painful view to which Havana awakens.

Several teams of reporters are on the streets, at this time, seeking more concrete information.

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