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President Díaz-Canel received by French Prime Minister

Diaz Francia- Making his first stop of an extensive international tour, President Díaz-Canel arrived in France yesterday, where he was received by Prime Minister Edouard Phillippe.

- The two leaders addressed areas of economic cooperation of mutual interest and reviewed several issues on the international agenda.

- During the afternoon, the Cuban President visited the Cuban embassy in Paris and conversed with diplomats there as they followed the situation unfolding at the United Nations in New York, where Cuba’s resolution against the blockade was being discussed.

- He expressed his pride and sense of responsibility as he listened to representatives from around the world defend Cuba and demand an end to the U.S. blockade.

- Accompanying the Cuban President is a delegation which includes Council of State Vice President Ricardo Cabrisas; Minister of Communications Jorge Luis Perdomo; Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra DÍaz; and Emilio Lozada García, director for bilateral relations at the Foreign Ministry.

- The tour is to include visits to Russia, China, Vietnam, the Democratic Republic of Korea, and Laos


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