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Cuba’s Support for Literacy Crusade Is Highlighted in El Salvador

salvador-alfabetizacionEl Salvador is approaching today a hundred municipalities free of illiteracy, the result of the political will of the government, the citizen response to this national need and the advice of Cuban pedagogues.

In fact, President Salvador Sanchez Ceren acknowledged days ago, declaring San Salvador as the third Central American capital completely literate, that the support of Cuba has been key in this educational crusade.

‘Our gratitude also to the people and government of Cuba, to the Cuban educational brigade for its contribution to the National Literacy Program,’ said the head of state before a crowd gathered in the capital Plaza Barrios.

Sanchez Ceren highlighted the application here of the Cuban program ‘Yo, Sí Puedo’ (Yes I Can), whose effectiveness in various countries has been recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The declaration of Santa Clara as the 100th illiteracy free city in El Salvador is scheduled for next week, where more than 300,000 people have been literate from 2009 until now.

‘When we started the National Literacy Program we knew that we could fulfill this unpostponable task, because we always trust in the strength of the people and youth, and we had the support and experience of the Republic of Cuba,’ the president added.

The Minister of Education, Carlos Canjura, presided on Wednesday the declaration of the municipality of El Carmen, whose inhabitants now enjoy a human right that transcends the ability to read, write and perform basic calculations.

According to official figures, some 11,000 volunteers are educating in rural and urban areas almost 24,000 Salvadorans older than 15 years of age, through classrooms operating in 160 of the 262 municipalities of El Salvador.

(Prensa Latina)

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