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Cuba’s Support for Literacy Crusade Is Highlighted in El Salvador


El Salvador is approaching today a hundred municipalities free of illiteracy, the result of the political will of the government, the citizen response to this national need and the advice of Cuban pedagogues. In fact, President Salvador Sanchez Ceren acknowledged days ago, declaring San Salvador as the third Central American capital completely literate, that the support of Cuba has been key in this educational crusade.

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Cuba and the US, progress amid differences


Marked by deep differences and more than half a century of estrangement, Cuba and the United States are moving towards the resumption of diplomatic relations and cooperation on issues of common interest. The announcement of the Presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama, on 17 December, to work according to the bilateral approach opened a new era between the two countries, waiting step to reach the normalization of ties. What we have done in these last four months can be considered an improvement, said to Cuban journalists here the head of the delegation of the island to Havana-Washington talks to restore diplomatic ties, Josefina Vidal.

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Cuban Vice President Highlights Monsignor Romero”s Legacy


The Cuban Vice president, Miguel Diaz Canel considered motivating and encouraging his visit to El Salvador for the beatification ceremony today of Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero. In interview to Prensa Latina he assured that the beatification is part of a framework of motivations, historical relations, elements of what the Salvadorian government tries to do and of great connotation for the country, Latin America and the world.

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Statement from Cuban delegation to talks with U.S.


The third round of talks between Cuban and U.S delegations on the process of reestablishing diplomatic relations, and the opening of embassies, was held in Washington, on May 21 and 22, 2015. The Cuban delegation was led by the Ministry of Foreign Relations’ General Director for the United States, Josefina Vidal Ferreiro, and the U.S. delegation by the State Department’s Assistant Secretary for Western Hemispheric Affairs, Roberta S. Jacobson.

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Cuba, USA Close Round of Talks, Expectation for Announcements

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The meeting held yesterday at the headquarters of the Department of State went on another day, reinforcing in sectors informed of the process, predictions of concrete accords on the resumption of the broken ties more than 50 years ago, by a Washington’s decision, and the opening of embassies in both capitals. After about seven hours of talks yesterday, the two sides issued brief statements and talked of the continuity of exchanges of criteria, led as in the previous meetings by diplomats Josefina Vidal and Roberta Jacobson.

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American People for Change Towards Cuba, Experts Say in US


Most Americans support a change in the policy of its government toward Cuba, a scenario that weakens the voices opposed to rapprochement, activists said here today that promote better bilateral relations.
Leaders of the coalition addressed Cuba Engage with Cuban journalists accredited here to cover a new round of dialogue between Havana and Washington on restoring links diplomats, the current context and perspectives about ties to leave behind decades of hostility of House Blanca to the island.

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Serbian President concludes visit, fulfills dream of meeting Fidel


“It has been a fantastic visit. I’ve been with my friends, with the people, who like the Serbian, know how to appreciate their freedom,” said Tomislav Nikolic, as his official visit came to an end. Nikolic awarded Fidel the Order of the Republic of Serbia. The visiting President reported that upon receiving the honorary sash, Fidel commented that he would treasure it always.

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Noitre droit a etre marxistes – leninistes

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On fêtera après-demain, 9 mai, le soixante-dixième anniversaire de la victoire du peuple soviétique à l’issue de la Grande Guerre patriotique. Compte tenu de la différence d’horaires, je rédige ces lignes tandis que les soldats et officiers de l’armée de la Fédération de Russie doivent sûrement répéter la cérémonie, pleins d’orgueil, sur la Place rouge de Moscou, au pas rapide et martial qui les caractérise.