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Preparations underway for popular discussion of Constitutional reform

constituicionConcluded yesterday, July 30, in Havana was a two-day national seminar on the Constitutional reform consultation process, which included more than 280 provincial representatives of the Party, the Young Communists League, mass organizations, the Union of Jurists, political leaders of the Ministries of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Interior, as well as the commission charged with Implementation and Development of Policy Guidelines, the National Electoral Commission, the Center for Socio-political Studies, and the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

The Sunday session was devoted to an exchange with the committee of deputies charged with drafting the proposal that was debated, modified, and approved by the National Assembly, and will be discussed by the population August 13 through November 15.

On Monday an explanation was presented as to how proposals and comments will be compiled from the more than 135,000 meetings to be held in workplaces, schools, community centers, and abroad – which will be conducted by 7,600 two-person teams who will receive further training.

Some 600,000 copies of the proposed Constitutional reform will be offered for sale at the cost of one CUP, while the draft is also available online.

As Army General Raúl Castro Ruz stated July 26, the success of the popular consultation depends on the active, committed participation of all Cubans, to ensure understanding of the changes proposed, and reaffirm the irrevocable nature of socialism in the country and the continuity of the Revolution.


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