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Without Evidence, US Insists on Branding Incidents in Cuba as Attacks

1EEUU-CubaThe United States once again used the term attacks to describe alleged health incidents of US diplomats on the island, although without presenting evidence with scientific support to validate this accusation.

Yesterday, both countries held in Washington the fourth meeting dedicated to addressing issues of enforcement and compliance with the law, meeting in which the Cuban delegation urged the hostess to desist from the continued political manipulation of the issue of US officials.

According to the State Department press release on yesterday’s meeting, the parties ‘also discussed the health attacks against diplomatic personnel of the US embassy in Havana, including two recent cases.’

‘The US delegation reminded Cubans of their responsibility to protect officials from harm,’ it continued, in a language that is far from the spirit of a bilateral mechanism created to coordinate the fight against illicit crimes of concern to the world community, such as drug and human trafficking.

According to the statement from the Cuban side, issued as a result of the meeting, the alleged health cases served the White House as a pretext for the adoption of new unilateral measures that affect the functioning of the respective embassies, in particular, the provision of consular services on which hundreds of thousands of people depend.

Donald Trump, since his arrival in the presidency, in January 2017, has escalated in the aggressive posture towards Cuba, without hiding his determination to dismantle the approach initiated by his predecessor, Barack Obama, which led to the reestablishment of relations, the reopening of the embassies and the signing of twenty agreements.

(Prensa Latina)

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