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An old anti-Cuban script with new puppets on stage

Trump y olaloca

On January 13, Cuban television once again denounced a number of actions that are part of the so-called soft coup strategy the U.S. government is attempting to implement in our country. After having failed for decades in its efforts to destroy the Revolution, the northern neighbor is resorting to new methods in its obsessive fixation on changing the course that Cuba sovereignly chose long ago.

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Who’s behind the anti-Cuban show in San Isidro?

alcantara OEA

Since the end of the 19th century, the San Isidro neighborhood in Old Havana was considered a “tolerance zone,” until 1959, when life changed with the triumph of the Revolution. It was a neighborhood of humble people, harassed by the presence of Yankee Marines who came ashore in search of fun and cheap sex. Once the butt of jokes, San Isidro now has 14 family doctors’ offices, a traditional medicine clinic, a veterinary clinic, three child care centers, a kindergarten and four schools.

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Cuba awaits information regarding firearm attack on our embassy in Washington


During the dawn hours today, April 30, 2020, an unknown individual fired a gun into the Cuban Embassy in the United States. The official website of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that no staff members suffered injury, as all were safely protected, although the building was damaged. The Cuban government has no information about the individual involved, who was detained by local authorities at the scene and is in custody, the Ministry indicated.

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Without Evidence, US Insists on Branding Incidents in Cuba as Attacks


The United States once again used the term attacks to describe alleged health incidents of US diplomats on the island, although without presenting evidence with scientific support to validate this accusation.

Yesterday, both countries held in Washington the fourth meeting dedicated to addressing issues of enforcement and compliance with the law, meeting in which the Cuban delegation urged the hostess to desist from the continued political manipulation of the issue of US officials.