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Principles: Congress of the Federation of University Students

FEU CongresoThe fact that Cuban youth are the target of destabilization efforts, a strategy used by the United States now more than ever, was noted by delegates at the Ninth Congress of the Federation of University Students, recently concluded in Havana, where a fundamental theme discussed was political-ideological subversion, which has become a non-conventional war of symbols.

Many labels are used for the same phenomenon – well-funded, desperate attempts to incite youth to forget their history, to supplant their culture.

One such subversion effort directed toward youth in Cuba was revealed in 2015, when the World Learning summer program in the U.S. was offered with the objective of training “leaders” for political change on the island.

Alejandro Sánchez, who attended the World Learning program and is now a student at the University of Havana, explained during the FEU Congress that, once the group of Cuban youth had arrived in the United States, the program’s coordinators made clear that they were considered an investment and insisted that they implement the projects presented in Cuba.

May these tricks not blind us, Sánchez said, recalling the experience, strengthening our preparation, maintaining and defending our values and national identity must be a priority for all. Let us hold fast to our principles.


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