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Excellent relations between Cuba and Russia confirmed

cuba-capitolioRicardo Cabrisas Ruiz, National Assembly member, a Council of State vice president, and minister of Economy and Planning, received on June 13 Russian Senator Sergei V. Kalashnikov, Coordinator of the Parliamentary Friendship with Cuba Group in his country and first vice president of the Russian Federation Council’s Economic Policy Committee.

Confirmed during the meeting were the excellent relations shared by the two countries’ governments, parliaments, and peoples. Cabrisas, who heads the Cuba-Russia Intergovernmental Commission, recalled his recent visit to Moscow and talks held with authorities and business people in different sectors of the economy.

During the conversation, highlighted was the support Russia has provided to restoration of the Capitolio’s dome, as well as the role played by the Russian Federation Council and its President Valentina Matvienko, and Kalashnikov himself, in the project.

Senator Kalashnikov was accompanied by several delegation members, in addition to Sergei Reshchikov and Andrey V. Mitrafanov, Minister Councilor and First Councilor, at the Russian embassy in Havana, respectively.

Also participating on the Cuban side were Yolanda Ferrer Gómez, president of the National Assembly of People’s Power International Relations standing committee; Emilio Lozada García, director general for bilateral relations at the Foreign Ministry; and Inalvis Bonachea González, director of Commercial Policy with Europe at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment.


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