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Cuba: Committed to human rights

Comite derechos humanosCuba features among the 50 countries that have ratified the most international human rights instruments, according to lawyer Desiree Llaguno, speaking to Prensa Latina.

She explained that the island has signed 44 of the 61 human rights conventions, making it one of the leaders in this field.

If we look at Cuba within the context of developing countries, we could say that the island features among those that have signed the most human rights accords, noted the expert.

Regarding the ways in which these international conventions are implemented within the country’s legal system, Llaguno noted that laws are modified to encompass such commitments.
Our legislation is modified and incorporates international legal obligations related to human rights to which Cuba has committed itself, added Llaguno, also a member of the National Union of Lawyers’ International Law Society.

For example, she stated, it’s important to note that Cuba works hard to fulfill and surpass that established with regard to human rights.

On protecting children, the Caribbean country goes above and beyond its obligations as outlined in the UN convention of the rights of the child, signed in 1989.
As such, we are leaders in the field of children’s rights and are proud to be a founding member of the Human Rights Council, stated Llaguno.

Her assertions come shortly before Cuba undertakes its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in Geneva.
On May 16, UN member-states, including Cuba, will present a country report detailing progress made toward fulfilling their human rights commitments.

Cuba presented its report before the UPR in 2009 and 2013 during which it received 292 recommendations, of which it accepted 230, took note of 40, and rejected 20, given their interventionist nature.


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