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Lolo Lovina band Creates Expectation in Havana World Music

Banda-Lolo-LovinaAustralian group Lolo Lovina, influenced by a strong push of swing, gypsy Balkan music, tango and heavy metal, has performed in this capital in one of the facilities that host the Havana World Music Festival (HWM).

Lolo Lovina, red beer in Romani language, performed for the first time in Cuba with a repertoire that includes its own songs and other versioned and very personal songs.

Its work is described by some as an eternal gypsy party where everything is possible, and where distrust is overcome by love and unity.

The band singer and leader, Sarah Bedak stated that when she plays, dances or sings, or moves around the stage, it is a great celebration for her.

The Australian of Hungarian Roma descent highlights her gypsy heritage, not only in her repertoire but also in performance and costumes.

‘I am very proud of my roots’, she always says in her interviews.

(Prensa Latina)

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