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Cuba Reaches 456 Qualified Athletes to CentAm Games

1Juegos-Centroamericanos-y-del-Caribe-de-Barranquilla-2018Cuba reached the amount of 456 qualified athletes for the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games to be held in Barranquilla, Colombia, with the tickets obtained by the athletes of karate-do and Greco Roman wrestling.

Cuban sports website JIT said karate-do athletes obtained 10 tickets: 9 in kumite (combat) and one in kata (exhibition of techniques) at the qualifying tournament in Barranquilla, while Greco Roman wrestlers added 6 more in Havana.

This amount should be increased in the next hours with the participation Friday and Saturday of the men and women competing in free wrestling style in Havana.

If what specialists expect is finally obtained, Cuba should reach the amount of 468 tickets for the Central American Games on Saturday.

Other disciplines waiting for their qualification are athletics and swimming, in which the tickets are distributed by other selection criteria, including the ranking and the minimum records.

Pending for qualification in tournaments this month are racquetball and diving. The latter has not yet defined the date and venue of the event.

The Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla will award 470 sets of medals and Cuba aspires to compete for 379, with the objective of maintaining the first place achieved since the edition of Panama 1970, only given up when Cuba did not attend San Salvador 2002 and Mayaguez 2010.

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