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Recovery efforts advancing in Villa Clara

Villa clara techosAlthough much still remains to be done, progress is being made to repair damage caused by Hurricane Irma, above all to housing, where the greatest amount of damage was reported, stated Division General Ramón Pardo Guerra, National Civil Defense Chief of Staff, who presided a ceremony in which 88 new homes were unveiled in the community of Aguada de Moya.

I have witnessed a great deal of solidarity, effort, and hard work everywhere to overcome adversity, stated Pardo Guerra, also a decorated Hero of the Republic of Cuba, who visited several of the country’s provinces to review progress made to date in recovery efforts, identify the most successful experiences and extend them to the worst affected areas.

I see a lot of confidence in the people that lost all, or part of their homes, which goes to show their confidence in the Revolution and its leadership, and confirmation of the idea expressed by Cuban President, Army General Raúl Castro, that no one will be abandoned to their fate, stated Pardo Guerra.

Despite what has been achieved thus far, more work can be done to speed up progress, something that will require greater organization to ensure that those affected receive available resources in a fast and timely manner, stated Pardo Guerra, also a member of the Party Political Bureau, before highlighting the work of residents from Villa Clara who, to date, have managed to repair 22,912 – or 44.4% – of the total number of homes that were completely destroyed by the hurricane.

What is more, in the case of the Aguada de Moya People’s Council, home to the worst affected cooperatives and campesinos in Villa Clara, the majority of homes that were destroyed following Hurricane Irma have been rebuilt thanks to the combined efforts of those affected, various institutions, and the decisive support of the country’s leadership, which provided the necessary resources, according to information provided during a ceremony presided by Julio Lima Corzo, first secretary of the Party Provincial Committee, during which 88 new homes were unveiled.


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