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Export, a Priority for Essential Cuban Mining Project

Proyecto-Polimetálico-Castellanos_Pinar-del-RíoThe Castellanos Polymetal Project, considered the largest investment on Cuban mining in recent years is currently producing to export.

A vessel with the lead and zinc concentrates obtained there departs every three days from the port of Santa Lucia, Pinar del Río, to that of Mariel, from where it is sent abroad, reports Granma newspaper.

There are 33 containers in each trip transporting about 700 tons, but with the incorporation of a port crane to be assembled this month, those figures will double, the paper added.

After a colossal investment process, with a cost of $272 million USD, the mining work began last July 1s, and three months later the mine began turning out lead and zinc concentrates.

Engineer Eusebio Hernandez, head of the industry, told Granma that 60,000 tons of minerals were processed in January, 73,000 in February, and in March it is expected to reach 78,000, and from April 83,000 ton output per months must be reached.

(Prensa Latina)

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