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A close look at the country

Asamblea nacional D canel debatesUpdated information on the latest portfolio of foreign investment opportunities was among the items on the agenda for work in commissions today, prior to the 10th period of ordinary sessions of the National Assembly, the last of the 8th legislature.

At a time when efforts are being made to increase the participation of international capital in the country’s economy, deputies were informed of results achieved during the last Havana International Trade Fair.

Likewise submitted to the relevant commission was a report on the country’s work to guarantee the rights of children.

Food production was also analyzed, with emphasis on increasing the application of science and technology in agriculture, in an effort to better meet the population’s needs.

Progress in meeting objectives established to recover tobacco production; growth in tourism, its sustainability, and relation to the rest of the economy; as well as reports from the Attorney General and People’s Supreme Court are scheduled for discussion today.


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