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The nation’s reality and projections to be debated

construccion tema asambleaA comprehensive analysis of Cuba’s current situation begins today with deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power meeting in working Commissions, prior to the 8th legislature’s 10th and last period of ordinary sessions.

To de discussed are issues of significant impact on the population such as passenger transportation; the work of processing offices; investment in the country’s water distribution system and the population’s satisfaction with services; and even the organization of the National Baseball Series, as well as the participation of players contracted in other leagues abroad.

Deputies will receive information on the performance of the state budget and the fulfillment of the 2017 National Economic Plan, in addition to examining proposals for the 2018 Plan and budget.

To be evaluated as well are measures adopted to ensure maintenance and repair of sugar mills and the condition of plantings for the 2017-2018 harvest; and progress on implementing policies directed toward greater use of renewable resources and the efficient use of energy.


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