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Raúl sends letter of support to President Nicolás Maduro Moros

raul-castro-y-nicolas-maduro-cumbre-del-alba1-580x314Havana, August 6, 2017

“Year 59 of the Revolution”

Nicolás Maduro Moros

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Dear Nicolás:

With immense revolutionary jubilation I learned of the results of the elections and the installation of the National Constituent Assembly. Undoubtedly, this process represents a valuable lesson, which makes Venezuela a symbol for our continent, as Fidel affirmed with great clarity. The demonstration of popular support has been clear and resounding, faithful to the legacy of The Liberator Simón Bolívar and President Hugo Chávez Frías.

Experience shows that every act of terror raises the morale of the people, each aggression makes them stronger, each blow strengthens unity.

Surely, there will come days of intense struggle, of international harassment, of blockades, of limitations; but they will also be days of creation and work for revolutionaries and all the Venezuelan people who, as before, will not be alone and will have us Cubans, in the front line of militant solidarity and more committed to their cause.

A strong embrace,

Raúl Castro Ruz

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