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Cuban deputies to debate almost 80 issues in parliamentary session

parlamentoCuban deputies will gather to debate a total of 79 issues relating to the country’s socio-economic situation, prior to the Ninth Period of Ordinary Sessions of the Eighth Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power, to begin July 14.

Gathered in 10 work commissions in Havana’s International Conference Center, the parliamentarians will analyze high-priority topics, such as the updating of the Cuban economic and social model of socialist development.

A total of 59.4% of the items to be addressed correspond to the results of the checks and inspections carried out by members of parliament in the different territories of the country.

Other areas of interest on the agenda for July 10 through 12 are rail transportation services, investments to mitigate drought and the implementation of policy for the development of renewable energy sources.

In addition, the production, distribution and marketing of toys, the current state of housing, the epidemiological situation and the fulfillment of the food industry recovery program, will be discussed.

National Assembly members will also receive information on the latest sugar harvest, industrial maintenance in the face of technological obsolescence, production in mountainous area.


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