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Endorse Maduro crimes against humanity committed by the Venezuelan opposition: is the intervention served as in Libya?

leccionesdemanipulacion324The world press, in block and seamless, accuses the Government of Venezuela of suppressing peaceful protests and causing 42 deaths in a month and a half. It is the main message of the media war against the government of Nicolas Maduro, which ispresented as a brutal dictatorship that would justify its violent departure: by a military coup or an international intervention.

Both options appear explicitly and without modesty, for example, in Spanish newspapers such as “El Pais” and “ABC”, and in notes of agencies such as “Europa Press”.

Each death endorsed to the government ignites, through social networks, hatred and persecution against Chavism. And it makes it easier for the Spanish police, by just one example, to violate the Vienna Convention and collaborate with a Venezuelan ultra-right group in the siege and abduction of more than 100 people in a diplomatic compound in Venezuela in Madrid,with the complicity of the media, of course.

Everything is a construction. A mediatic script that turns reality upside down;because of the 42 people who died between April, 3rd and May16th, the vast majority were killed by opponents. 25 of them, almost a 60%, were Chavez followers or police officers. Two were motorists who died in accidents caused by the placement of barricades. 9 died electrocuted in the looting of a bakery. To date, only 3 deaths have been directly ejecuted by police, and several officials have been arrested for that. Finally, three deaths of young opponents (which is under investigation) were produced with homemade weapons at close range, which points to selective murders of “false flag”.

The media conceal the extreme violence of the protests and the neo-fascist character of many of its participants. Despite this, President Nicolas Maduro has given a strict order that the police, in no case, carry firearms.

The videos of beatings to police or simply to people who recriminated the opposition violence never appear in the international media. Neither, curiously, the lynching of journalists, nor the attack or burning of Chavez followers homes, party headquarters that support the Government and public goods of all kinds, including a Maternal Hospital, medical offices or libraries.

The media silent that the outbreaks of protest is reduced only to a few middle and upper class municipalities in the country, where the mayoralties oppose their local police and even their garbage recollection: in places like Barquisimeto have come to sprinkle the wastes that are then burned in the public highway.There are images of these events that have not interested any international channel.

The media don´t report on Venezuela. Its task is to prepare public opinion to justify -or, at least, to remain immobile-in the case of an international intervention in Venezuela. As in Libya.

To avoid this, an intense and courageous mobilization of preventive solidarity is necessary, as the blatant denunciation of the role of these vulgar propagandists of violence and terror.


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