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Can you cover a parade of thousands of people in Cuba with an unhappy person and a flag?

leccionesdemanipulacion323Cuba surprises the world every May 1st., with parades that bring together millions of people all over the island. It is a disturbing image for the centers of power, which try to tarnish it through its powerful propagandistic mechanisms.

This year, a man with a US flag burst into Havana’s Revolution Square just minutes before starting the popular parade. Automatically, the information of agencies and large media on May 1st. in Cuba, obviated the gigantic popular mobilization, to focus on the solitary and bizarre protest of a single person .

As anywhere in the world where someone breaks into an act in which, a few meters away, the Head of State and other authorities of the country are, the man was reduced. However, what, if it had happened in another place, would be presented as the normal security protocol, in Cuba was turned into “repression”. In “El Nuevo Herald” we read that “repressive agents” “arrested and beat violently” the man, who “was subjected to beatings”. An absolutely distorted and exaggerated version of its reduction and eviction, as evidenced in the published videos.

The same exaggeration which, for years, have used these means to turn “beatings” or “police brutality” the withdrawal of the so-called Woman in white (Damas de Blanco in Spanish), with a minimum degree of force, when it´s compared to the extreme violence that police use in other latitudes.

The fact followed the known script. White House representative Joseph Crook accused Cuba of violating “freedom of expression” of the flagman and demanded, “respect for human rights”. This was saying – without reading in the media, any comment on such contradiction – the Government that has promised to forcibly expel three million human beings, or that promotes a reform that will deprive 24 million people of their current health coverage.

It’s the world upside down from the big media. Those who tell us that 40 Venezuelan dead are the product of police “repression” , when the proven facts point -in most cases- to the extreme violence of extreme right-wing demonstrators.

The media that defocusses thousands of people who defend the Cuban Revolution on May 1st, to focus on an unfortunate person, accused of robbery, who has already earned the necessary file to obtain a visa and political asylum in the United States. Now, repealed the policy of “dry feet, wet feet,” migrating to the North from Cuba has become … so difficult.


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