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May Day: For a living, united and victorious homeland

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“Congratulations workers! What has been done to survive the pandemic under a tightened blockade, and nonetheless advancing, is monumental. A hard-working, creative people like ours deserves a great tribute,” tweeted Party First Secretary and President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, May 1, who attended a simple commemoration of International Workers Day at Havana’s José Martí Plaza de la Revolución, with reduced participation given the COVID-19 pandemic.

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An embrace from our country, in a virtual march


Cuba’s truth, our conquests and the challenges of a heroic and hardworking people will be honored this year on May Day with photos, videos, selfies and hashtags. Because of the many shared endeavors, because the strength of a country lies in its people, and because we have more than enough reasons to celebrate the contribution of our workers.

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Another celebration of Cuban workers

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The fact that this May Day Cubans will remain behind closed doors, once again, with the same desire to march we felt in 2020, does not mean in any way that we renounce the celebration of International Workers’ Day, a universal century-old commemoration, which in Cuba is a massive event, to share with family and co-workers.

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May Day commemorations called in our living, united, victorious homeland

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The Secretariat of the Federation of Cuban Workers (CTC) calls for the celebration of International Workers’ Day with virtual events and activities
The convocation issued by the CTC Secretariat states, “The Federation of Cuban Workers and its national unions call on our people to celebrate International Workers’ Day, preceded by the historic days of the Communist Party of Cuba’s 8th Congress.

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The heroism of Cuban workers

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Cuban trade unions began the month of April with the convocation of May Day marches and the recognition of workers at the Comprehensive Automotive Services Enterprise (EISA) for their contribution to the recovery in Havana following the January 27 tornado.

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May Day: another resounding demonstration of our unity

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The Federation of Cuban Workers (CTC) and all national trade unions convoke our entire people to a massive march to celebrate International Workers day, May 1, under the banner of Unity, Commitment, and Victory.

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A nationwide fiesta

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The sound of the Havana conga rhythms, with the beating of cowbells and frying pans, is heard. Leading the percussion is a lean man with stubble and red eyes, as he hasn’t slept for a day and a half. It’s now eight in the morning. But in the darkness at 5:30 a.m., with just a few people in the area in front of the capital’s Plaza de la Revolución

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A people embraces its history and future

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This May Day, 132 years since the Haymarket events in Chicago that led to International Workers Day, the Cuban people filled streets and plazas to celebrate, and reaffirm their support for the Revolution and the country’s new leadership. In Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución, the central event was presided by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC); Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, President of te Councils of State and Ministers, and other leaders.

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The celebration of a people carving out their own destiny: Fidel in every march, at every march

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Fidel was everywhere this May 1. He was present in the faces of joyful children who didn’t want to be left out and came to march with their parents; he was there in the strong soldier wearing his medals proudly parading, in the decorated Hero of Labor, or the humble campesino holding a photo of the Comandante.

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#1Mayo: There is no force more powerful than unity

Primero de Mayo

“… Given its power, given its triumph since January 1, May Day has become a powerful factor, decisive in the political life of the country, because, with the general strike called with the Rebel Army, it was the working class that delivered the final blow to those plans to snatch the people’s victory at the last moment, as they had done on other occasions …”