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Development to offset migration

migrantes marOn March 10, at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Cuba called to guarantee the full realization of the right to development, in order to counterbalance migratory movement worldwide.

The island’s representative Luis Alberto Amorós noted that in order to analyze the issue in depth, it is important to address the causes which lead millions of people to migrate every year, sometimes risking their lives, in search of greater well-being.

“The many problems associated with migration, such as the exponential increase in migrants to industrialized nations, the brain-drain on developing countries, and exacerbation of shameful discrimination and abuses against migrants can only be tackled by attacking the structural causes of the phenomenon,” he stated.

During the meeting on the human rights of migrants, Amorós stressed the need to substantially modify the unjust and exclusionary international economic order, in order to target the root cause of the phenomena.

He added that “A genuine commitment is needed from the major industrial nations, characterized by peace and international security, while they must also abandon their hegemonic interests which produce situations of instability.”

In this sense the Cuban representative noted that international cooperation must be directed toward dialogue and genuine collaboration, which acknowledges the shared responsibility of all states regarding migration, and respects the sovereignty and equality of all countries.
“This cooperation must obviously ensure the integrity, dignity and well-being of migrants,” he stated.

(Prensa Latina)

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