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Chapeando: Red Florida


I like nothing less than starting our podcast with what is happening across the street, but today everything revolves around something that cannot be underestimated due to the weight it has in international politics. And by the sign it bears. We are talking, of course, about the mid-term elections, held this Tuesday in the United States, to elect 36 governors and renew the House and a third of the Senate. At the level of the Union, the red tide so announced by the Republicans, which did take place in nearby Florida, the base of the political forces that support the Cuban counterrevolutionary industry, remained wishful thinking.

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Strong criticism of Nancy Pelosi for saying that illegal immigrants could serve to “reap the crops”


The president of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, is the target of strong criticism on social networks after declaring that in her country there is a shortage of workers and that illegal immigrants should be used as labor labor in the crops. This Friday, during a press conference, Pelosi criticized the governors of the southern states of the country that send undocumented immigrants to the cities of the northern regions.

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Embassy of the United States in Cuba will restart the issuance of visas in a limited and gradual manner


The United States embassy in Cuba will restart the issuance of visas in a limited and gradual manner, after keeping the service suspended for more than four years, announced the charge d’affaires of the diplomatic representation, Timothy Zúñiga-Brown. Without specifying a date for the resumption of procedures, he explained that the consular section will offer essential services to US citizens and will process emergency visas for non-immigrants, detailed a Cuban television report.

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The U.S. returns 82 illegal migrants to Cuba

cuba  devolucion migrantes

The US Coast Guard returned 82 illegal migrants to Cuba, Cuba’s Ministry of the Interior (MININT) on Friday reported on its official website. According to a press release from that institution, the action carried out on Tuesday by the Port of Orozco, in Mariel, Artemisa (west of Havana), corresponds to what is established in the migratory agreements between both nations.

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Politicization of U.S. immigration policy costs lives

cuba emigracion

“The closure of the U.S. Consulate in Havana, the transfer of services to third countries and the maintenance of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 threaten safe, orderly and regular migration,” the Foreign Minister stated, in a clear allusion to the causes that lead to regrettable events such as the recent rescue of eight persons and the recovery of two bodies following the sinking of their boat near Key West, Florida.

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Cuba migrating to open source platforms

teclado bandera

The use of open source platforms and Cuban software will strengthen our industry, technological sovereignty, and information security. The technical migration toward open source platforms and the consistent use of nationally produced software and applications in the country is not only a change needed to strengthen the Cuban industry, but is also key to strengthening our technological sovereignty and information security.

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More than 620,000 Cubans living abroad visited the country in 2019

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Despite measures implemented by the United States government since the end of 2017, intended to limit bilateral relations between the two countries -including the suspension of consular services in Havana; the expulsion of 17 diplomatic officials from our embassy in Washington, using unjustifiable and politically motivated pretexts; and recently the suspension of flights to nine destinations in Cuba – ties between the émigré community and the homeland have not been eliminated.

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When risking life is all life offers

patera migrantes

They do not want to die, but the reality is that it’s the same if the choice is drowning in the Mediterranean when trying to cross in a fragile boat, or suffering the fate of their compatriots facing hunger, disease, and the crossfire of rival bands or terrorists financed from abroad. From Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Gambia… they come, heading to Europe, to the former colonial powers that plundered their countries.

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A deep love for the homeland

peter pan

Alex López is moved when he recalls leaving the island as a teenager, practically forced by his parents, and insists that his homeland was never far from his thoughts, throughout the 69 years of his life.

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Cuba and Canada Discussed Immigration Issues


Cuba and Canada celebrated their III Migratory Round this week, a meeting in which they reiterated their commitment to the orderly flow of people and the fight against human trafficking, the Chancellery of the island highlights today.