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Cuba announces new migratory regulations


New regulations announced October 28 incorporate suggestions made by Cubans residing in the United States and other countries. As part of the continuous, irreversible process of updating the country’s migratory policies, the Cuban government has approved the following measures, which will take effect January 1, 2018.

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Development to offset migration

migrantes mar

On March 10, at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Cuba called to guarantee the full realization of the right to development, in order to counterbalance migratory movement worldwide. The island’s representative Luis Alberto Amorós noted that in order to analyze the issue in depth, it is important to address the causes which lead millions of people to migrate every year, sometimes risking their lives, in search of greater well-being.

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Another vestige of the Cold War remains in effect 50 years

Pasaportes Cuba

Never before in the 50 years of the Cuban Adjustment Act’s history has the United States’ migration policy toward Cuba garnered so much attention and rejection, not only in the country most directly affected, but in the international community, as well, and among nations of the region experiencing its consequences.

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The New York Times calls U.S. migratory policy toward Cuba irrational

policia NYT

“As it stands, this anachronistic policy is irrational, strains relations with America’s neighbors and endangers lives,” reads an August 31 article by the New York Times. The piece references the letter sent at the beginning of this week by nine Latin American governments to Secretary of State John Kerry, requesting the U.S. government “end its preferential immigration policy for Cubans, calling it “discriminatory” and a boon to human smuggling networks in the region.

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Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa Says Rights of Deported Cubans Were Respected

correa cuba migracion

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa ratified that all human rights of the 121 Cuban citizens who were deported recently were respected. He said they were deported because they had remained in Ecuador in an “irregular situation.”

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Cuba Demands End of Double Standards and Selectiveness in Human Rights

ana silvia ONU

Cuba issued a call at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday asking that the practice of double standards, selectiveness and political manipulation in the area of human rights come to an end. On the second and last day of a forum on the issue, Cuban representative Ana Silvia Rodriguez lashed out at such practices, describing them as a failure of the old UN Human Rights Commission.

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Press Release from Foreign Ministry Directorate for Consular Affairs and Cubans Resident Abroad


On July 9 and 11, two groups of Cuban citizens of 29 and 46 persons respectively, illegally present in Ecuador, were deported to our country. They were transported in an Ecuadorian Air Force aircraft, respecting procedural guarantees established for such cases.

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Date set for the departure of first group of Cuban migrants from Costa Rica


The government of Costa Rica announced that it has scheduled the departure of the first group of Cuban emigrants attempting to reach the United States, who have been stranded in the country since mid-November, for next Tuesday, January 12.

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Ecuador announces visa requirements for Cuban citizens

Correa nueva

Among measures being taken by countries of the region to contain irregular migration of Cuban citizens, the Ecuadoran government has decided to establish a tourist or visitor visa requirement as of December 1, for citizens from the Republic of Cuba who wish to enter the country.

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Ecuadorian Consulate in Havana addresses Cuban citizens


With the purpose of controlling the movement of persons who are targeted by human trafficking networks, protecting the physical integrity of those whose lives are at risk, and stopping any attempt to violate human rights, Ecuador has made a commitment to the Cuban government, and to the Latin American and Caribbean Community, to make a contribution to protecting Cuban citizens given the vulnerability they could face if they come under the influence of traffickers who offer them the possibility of leaving the country and, especially, of reaching the United States.