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Vilma Espín honored on International Women’s Day

tumba FidelYesterday March 8, on International Women’s Day, the eternal president of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), Vilma Espín Guillois, was honored for her decisive contribution to women’s equality.

The tribute to the heroine of the guerilla and underground struggles took place at the site where her ashes rest in the monumental mausoleum to the heroes and martyrs of the Frank País García Second Eastern Front, founded by Comandante Raúl Castro Ruz, where she joined the armed struggle and fought until the Revolution triumphed in 1959.

After the traditional march from the town of Mayarí Arriba to the site, two exemplary female officers of the Revolutionary Armed Forces placed a floral wreath at her grave, in the name of the Cuban people.

Vilma’s legacy was recalled by Sunildes Montes de Oca Tito, a member of the FMC’s provincial secretariat, while poems and songs were performed by local artists.

Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, a staunch defender of women’s rights, was also honored on the occasion of International Women’s Day, in an event at Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, during which a group of young women received their FMC membership cards.

The placement of a floral wreath at José Martí’s mausoleum in the name of Cuban women, and flowers for Fidel, completed the memorable day. Participating were members of the Party Central Committee, provincial government and Party leaders, Beatriz Jhonson Urrutia and Lázaro Expósito Canto, respectively.


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