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First ACS-AEC Cooperation Conference begins today

aec conferencia CubaCentered on climate change, transport and maritime connectivity, the First Cooperation Conference of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS-AEC) kicks off today, March 8, in Havana. According to Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra, these three issues will be discussed during this first edition of the encounter, being held in the capital’s Tryp Habana Libre Hotel.

Speaking during a press conference, the Cuban official noted that other important issues for the region, such as tourism and trade, will also be addressed during the event.

The maritime connectivity work program entitled “Uniting the Caribbean by Air and Sea” for example, features documents such as maritime route maps of the area, currently in its fifth stage of development; a port and maritime strategy, and short distance maritime transport, coordinated by a Mexican entity.

According to Sierra, all activities taking place this week in Cuba represent an opportunity to promote regional cooperation and consensus.
The Cuban official also reported that a series of projects featured within the association’s Action Plan, established in its 7th Summit held in Havana last year, will be presented during this First ACS-AEC Cooperation Conference.

The event will be attended by representatives of associated member states, observer nations, other relevant countries, and United Nations programs and funds, in order to strengthen relations with the Caribbean community.

This First ACS-AEC Cooperation Conference was jointly convened by the organization’s Secretary General and Cuba, in its role as president pro tempore of the bloc’s Ministerial Council, and seeks to boost cooperation among members of the Community.


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