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Cuba looking to change its energy profile

energía holistica

Political will is not enough, nor is clarity about what must be done, evidenced in the regulatory framework created to facilitate Cuba’s transition to an energy profile based on greater use of renewable resources. It is imperative that the consciousness of authorities and the people be raised, so that this change is understood as a critical element in our strategy for sustainable development.

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EUROCLIMA + Cuba, a Project to Climate Change


The EUROCLIMA + Cuba program was launched today in this central-eastern region, with a project that aims at reducing disaster risks (RDR) due to climate change. In the case of this island, the chronogram has as main organizer the United Nations Development Program – Cuba, focused on the effects of Climate Change

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First ACS-AEC Cooperation Conference begins today

aec conferencia Cuba

Centered on climate change, transport and maritime connectivity, the First Cooperation Conference of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS-AEC) kicks off today, March 8, in Havana. According to Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Rogelio Sierra, these three issues will be discussed during this first edition of the encounter, being held in the capital’s Tryp Habana Libre Hotel.

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El Niño bids farewell

mapa niño

The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle continued its gradual decline in June, with the return of normal conditions in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, following an end to the high sea surface temperatures recorded since the second quarter of last year.

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Climate change: a race against the clock

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For years the target for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has been to stabilize the atmospheric concentration of these at a maximum level of 450 parts per million (ppm). That goal requires cutting GHG emissions by 80 percent by 2050, which would ensure that the change in global temperature does not exceed 2 degrees Celsius.

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Combating climate change: An imminent challenge

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Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge currently facing humanity. Today, the accumulated effects of human activity are threatening the climate system and survival of our planet. Given this situation, the debate on climate change and its socio-economic implications has taken precedent, as well as the need for countries and institutions to adopt strategies to prevent global warming and its fatal consequences.

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CMP7 Participants Reject Maneuver with Kyoto Protocol


Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador and other countries on Wednesday rejected pressures from industrialized nations to enjoy the carbon market, even when it blocks a second period for the commitments of the Kyoto Protocol.

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The Law of Mother Earth: Behind Bolivia’s Historic Bill

Niña Boliviana

baby betta fish p>By Nick Buxton (Published YES! Magazine) A new law expected to pass in Bolivia mandates a fundamental ecological reorientation of the nation’s economy and society Indigenous and campesino (small-scale farmer) movements in the Andean nation of Bolivia are on the verge of pushing through one of the most radical environmental bills in